What Is A Choch (2)

Let’s explore the world of Chochs and how they can serve as invaluable tools for predicting changes in the direction of price movements. It is worth noting that chochs function as early indicators rather than absolute confirmations. So, let us delve deeper into this intriguing concept together.

When we refer to Chochs (Change of Character), we are talking about a shift in the direction of price movement. As the price continues its journey and forms fractal structures, there comes a point when it completes a move and potentially begins to alter its trajectory. The choch acts as the initial signal that alerts us to this potential change.

In a bullish trend, a choch occurs when the nearest low is breached. Similarly, in a bearish trend, it happens when a high is broken. Think of it as a change in wind speed. Just as a shift in wind speed can indicate an approaching rainstorm, a choch signifies a possible shift in the price direction. However, it is essential to remember that a choch alone is insufficient to make a trading decision; we need additional confirmation to reinforce our analysis.

It is crucial to understand that chochs can appear in both accurate and misleading positions on the charts. To enhance the accuracy of our analysis, we should concentrate on identifying chochs at high probability points of interest. In the forthcoming lessons, we will explore techniques to spot these significant areas.

Now, let’s put theory into practice. I will guide you through a practical exercise to help you grasp the concept of chochs. We will apply this knowledge across different time frames, ranging from 15 minutes for analysis to 1 minute for entries.

Firstly, let’s revisit fractal breaks. Remember, we do not require a candle body close for a fractal break; a wick is adequate. Whenever a candle fails to break below the next candle by even a minuscule pip, we have a fractal structure.

As we analyze the chart, pay close attention to the candle movements. The first candle breaks above the next one, and the second candle does the same. Since there is no fractal structure here yet, the pattern continues. However, occasionally, a candle may break above the previous one, even in a bearish move. In such instances, the upward trajectory may persist without forming a fractal structure.

After several candles, we finally observe a break. The subsequent candle fails to break above its predecessor, indicating a potential fractal structure. This becomes our most recent low for the choch. Remember, a choch is merely a signal that price might pull back; it does not guarantee it will happen. However, it serves as a valuable indication for our analysis.

Moving forward, it is important to note that chochs can occur in both accurate and misleading positions. Hence, we must focus on high probability points of interest to increase our trading success. These are the areas where price is likely to undergo significant changes.

we explore various examples of chochs, observing how price moves after these directional changes. We witness pullbacks, breaks, and potential continuations. It is crucial to understand the context and volatility of the market to interpret these movements accurately.

As we conclude this article, I hope you have gained a solid understanding of chochs and their significance in predicting directional changes in price. Remember, as you begin trading, you will encounter different types of market structures, and chochs can help you navigate through these complexities.


  1. What is a Choch? A choch (Change of Character) refers to a change in the direction of price movement, acting as an early indicator of potential shifts.
  2. What does Choch mean in Forex? In Forex, Choch signifies a signal for a possible alteration in the price direction during a bullish or bearish trend.
  3. How reliable are Chochs for making trading decisions? Chochs serve as early indicators and require additional confirmation to strengthen trading decisions.
  4. What are the benefits of using chochs for forex trading? Chochs can be a useful tool for forex traders because they can help you to identify potential price shifts and to trade accordingly. They can also help you to identify support and resistance levels.
  5. Are there additional Choch definitions in forex trading? Yes, Another slang expression is a trader who makes rash and impulsive trading judgments this phrase is used to characterize traders who are motivated by their emotions and make impulsive decisions, Instead of adopting a well-planned and methodical trading strategy.

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