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3.2m UK birds culled as record avian flu cases increase

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The virus can be deadly and its spread is likely to accelerate this winter

The UK is facing its biggest bird flu outbreak to date, with 1,727 cases detected in UK wild bird populations so far. Additionally, 161 domestic birds tested positive for her H5N1 strain. As a result, 3.2 million of her birds have been culled across the UK in an effort to stop the epidemic.

Leading testing experts warn people in the UK to be extra vigilant is one of

Dr Quinton Feibelman, chief scientific officer and principal laboratory expert at the London Medical Institute, explains: This week alone, the government ordered all poultry in parts of Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex to be kept indoors following the rapid spread of the virus. There is also ”

“It can be transmitted by touching infected birds, their droppings, bedding, or by killing or preparing infected poultry. It is very difficult for humans to catch bird flu from birds. But when such cases occur, there are many deaths,” he added.

The high number of cases means that the COVID-19 virus is likely a mutation that could have spread from bats to humans.

Professor Isabel Oliver, Chief Scientific Officer, UK Health Security Agency, added: Please monitor the situation carefully. ”

“Scientists and medical experts in the UK are concerned that while the virus has so far been mostly dead in the summer months, this new outbreak will persist year-round and spread more easily. It could be further spread by migratory birds returning to the UK to overwinter, further increasing the risk of disease.”

The main symptoms of bird flu can develop very quickly within 3-5 days after infection and include coughing, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle aches and headaches.

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