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4 Ways to Limit Distractions for Home-Based Traders

by ForexGuy
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It’s 9pm. After his long day at work, Jimmy turns on his laptop, turns on the TV, and catches his latest 90-Day Fiancé episode.

He is in the mood for some scalping and decides to open a short GBP/JPY position.

He tells himself that his trade is in the money at the moment and that he will manually close it when the price hits his profit target.

But wait, what’s going on? Trouble has broken out in his favorite couple’s paradise!

By the time Jimmy takes his eyes off the TV and gets back to his business, it’s too late. His stop loss hit. He just let his winning trade turn into a loser.

Unfortunately, like many traders out there, Jimmy suffers from trade interruptions. It can come in the form of an annoying little brother, a clingy dog, hungry, or a really catchy TikTok video of him.

Let’s face it – we all deal with distractions in one way or another.

Exactly what the distraction is isn’t so important, but what we should be aware of is the detrimental effect it can have on our work.

Like Jimmy, distractions take our eyes and minds away from what we should really be focusing on: trading.

What we have to realize is that trading is like a real job.

You have to do the hard work: attend forex school and educate yourself, read below trading systemaware of the current fundamental data that drives the market and interact with other traders forex forumkeep a trading diary to succeed.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but as the saying goes, “What’s worth having in life is worth working for.”

You should treat trading as if it were a real job. In other words, you need to take trading seriously and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way of success.

Here are some of my personal favorite tips on how to limit distractions while trading.

1. Set daily defined trading hours to be strictly adhered to

Whether you work part-time or full-time, maintaining a strict schedule is very important. You want to make the most of the time you spend trading.

So if your schedule calls for trading from 6pm to 9pm every night, it’s better not to trade the full three hours and take off at 8:50pm.

2. Remind your loved ones not to disturb you during trading hours

Sometimes just asking your sweetheart/roommate/best friend/Chewbacca not to interrupt you during a transaction can be amazingly focused.

Also, knowing that they are supportive of what you are doing relieves unnecessary stress.

3. Block non-trading websites during working hours

Writing down the websites you allow to visit on paper will help you avoid other websites distracting you from your transactions.

You might consider using a different browser just to trade and set controls that block certain websites. There are also browser extensions and apps that allow you to restrict access to sites that may interfere with your trading.

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay focused, right?

4. Only trade-related materials are allowed in the work area

Sorry, but this means no PS4, Netflix, or cute baby videos!

Surround yourself only with things that help you improve your trading performance. If your smartphone or tablet bothers you, you might consider leaving it in another room.

Staying focused is difficult, but not impossible If you are committed to it. I hope these simple tips of mine will help you limit distractions and become a more focused and disciplined trader.

Do you have any tips to help limit distractions? Comment below and share with other members of the community!

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