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Amazon to launch gaming-focused NFT initiative

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According to a Blockworks report, e-commerce giant Amazon will launch an NFT initiative in spring 2023 that will focus on blockchain games and related NFTs.

The initiative is still in the development stage, but a launch deadline is set for April, according to information from four anonymous individuals. share at Blockworks. One use case is to allow an Amazon user to play blockchain-based games and claim his NFTs for free, a source claims.

Evolving plan

Blockworks says that in the last few months, Amazon executives leading the initiative have reached out to at least one family office. With the artist at least one he planned to do an NFT collection drop, which quickly evolved into its current form.

One of the sources states:

“We knew it was possible. But now it really seems to be happening. Do it wisely.”

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s popular web hosting platform, has been posting job ads for Web3 developers over the past few months, but the new initiative will launch “on Amazon itself.”

Amazon launched a loyalty-based coin program in 2013, which continues to exist separately from the new NFT initiative.

In April 2022, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced I participated CNBC’s Squawk Box. Jassy said he expects the NFT market to grow further and Amazon to be able to add crypto payments.

“I know that NFT continue to grow very large.We’re probably not even close to adding crypto As a payment mechanism in our retail business. But as time goes on, cryptography will become possible and I believe it will be possible…in the future. ”

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