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Average price of wheat flour rose by 31% in 2018-22 period: Centre

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Between 2018 and 2022, the average price of flour rose by 31% and mustard oil by 71%, the government told parliament on Friday.

In a written response, the government shared average retail prices for about two dozen essential items.

Data show that wheat prices have risen by 25% since 2018, while rice prices have risen by 23% over the past five years.

In a written response, Minister for Food and Consumer Affairs Sadvi Niranjan Jyoti shared “annual average retail prices across India for 22 commodities including atta (flour), rice, onions and potatoes for the past five years.” .

The minister noted that the government has taken various measures from time to time to increase domestic availability and stabilize prices of essential food items.

“These measures include, among other things, the release of buffers to cool prices, the imposition of inventory limits, the monitoring of declared inventories by entities to prevent hoarding, and the streamlining of import duties, changes in import quotas, etc. This includes necessary changes to trade policy measures in the United States, such as restrictions on the export of goods,” he said.

According to data, the average retail price of rice in major Indian cities rose to Rs 37.03 per kg in 2022 from Rs 30.05 per kg in 2018.

Between 2018 and 2022, wheat prices increased from Rs.24.2 to Rs.30.15/kg, while attar rate surged from Rs.26.43/kg to Rs.34.5/kg.

“The ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war has caused turmoil in the global economy and has put upward pressure on retail price inflation, especially for grains.

“The price of wheat is rising as both Russia and Ukraine are major exporters of wheat in the world. , leading to higher domestic prices of wheat and atta,” the minister said.

The government banned the export of wheat last May. Recently, 300,000 tons of wheat was offloaded under the Open Market Sales Scheme (OMSS) to bring down the price of wheat, and the state government, Kendriya Bhandar, the National Federation of Consumer Co-operative Societies (NCCF), NAFED, and the state Decided to sell to cooperatives/federations etc. Atta (flour), she said.

According to the data, in the legumes category, the average rate of gram dal will increase from Rs.66.47/kg in 2018 to Rs.73.66/kg in 2022, while the price of Tuor (Alakhal) dal will rise to Rs.71.07/kg. rose to Rs 107.29 from kg.

Vlad Dal’s rate increased from Rs.70.83/kg to Rs.106.57/kg. The price of Mung Dal increased from Rs.73.46/kg to Rs.102.63/kg and the price of Masur Dal increased from Rs.61.29/kg to Rs.96.21/kg.

In the edible (cooking) oil category, groundnut oil price increased from Rs 125.79 per kg in 2018 to Rs 189.24 per kg in 2022.

The price of mustard oil surged from Rs.106.16/kg to Rs.181.98/kg, while the average price of Vanaspati increased from Rs.80.32/kg to Rs.150.24/kg, and soybean oil increased from Rs.89.34/kg to Rs.158.41/kg. rose to rupees.

The average price of sunflower oil increased from Rs.96.28/kg to Rs.178.2/kg, while the average price of palm oil increased from Rs.76.68/kg to Rs.134.83/kg.

“In order to keep the price of edible oil down, the government has reduced the basic import duty on crude palm oil, crude soybean oil and crude sunflower oil to zero, while agriculture on these oils has been reduced to 5%.

“The basic tariff on refined soybean oil and refined sunflower oil was reduced to 17.5% from the previous 32.5%, and the basic tariff on refined palm oil was reduced to 12.5% ​​from 17.5%. remained in the ‘free’ category,” the minister said.

Among vegetables, the average price of potatoes was Rs 25.2 per kg in 2022, compared to Rs 19.02 per kg in 2018. Onion prices rose from Rs 23.64 per kg to Rs 28 per kg, while tomato prices jumped to Rs 36.61 per kg. 21.82 rupees per kg.

According to government data, the price of sugar rose slightly from 38.92 rupees per kg to 41.87 rupees per kg, while the price of guru rose from 43.11 rupees per kg to 49.31 rupees per kg.

The price of milk has increased from Rs 42.31 per liter in 2018 to Rs 52.81 per liter last year.

The price of tea rose from Rs.209.19/kg to Rs.282.48/kg.

Finally, the average salt price also increased from Rs.15.22/kg in 2018 to Rs.20.25/kg in 2022.

The Consumer Affairs Department monitors prices for 22 essential commodities based on data collected from 340 market centers spread across the country representing the northern, western, eastern, southern and northeastern regions of the country.

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