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Bitcoin Core Dev Luke Dashjr Doesn’t Want His Name On Ordinal Projects

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The developer explained to Nostr why NFT projects using his name did not have his permission.

Prolific Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr has publicly disavowed the Ordinal project associated with his name.

and director On decentralized social media platform Nostr, Dashjr revealed his involvement in the project, saying, “I have not consented to the use of my code or name for this purpose. I’m pitching my name and my code for

Dashjr also noted that the NFT seller approached him with what he interpreted as a bribe, writing: “Should I choose to accept?” I think this is an obvious attempt to: (1) Trying to bribe me into silence. and/or (2) obtain my consent after the fact; I do not accept such payments at the expense of the public being misled. ”

Core developers have previously expressed disgust and frustration with the Ordinals project. call it Attacks on spam and bitcoin.

Dashjr has expressed a strong desire to reimburse purchasers for the proceeds of their purchases. He concluded with a message addressing both his situation and what he feels may affect others in the Bitcoin space. The amount offered as a “donation” to acquiesce to what is happening is substantial. I do not condone it. I do not agree to use my name or code for this glyph. I want people to know where I stand.”

“We want to do everything we can to limit the damage that will inevitably be caused by this confusing and misleading behavior.”

This post could be a sign of the needed conversation regarding the rights and ownership of what is being uploaded to the Bitcoin blockchain via the Ordinal Protocol.

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