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Bitcoin price ‘easily’ due to hit $2M in six years — Larry Lepard

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Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is on track to hit the $2 million mark within six years, believes wealth management guru Lawrence “Larry” Leppard.

In his latest appearance on the Quoth the Raven podcast on Oct. 16, Leppard said that BTC/USD can be “easy.” delivery A return of 100x the current price.

Lepard: “I personally believe Bitcoin will multiply 100x”

Bullish BTC price predictions are few and far between as Bitcoin has been in a downtrend for almost a year.

Already known for his optimism towards both Bitcoin and precious metals, Leopard has become one of the only voices predicting a seven-figure BTC price in the current environment.

The founder of Equity Management Associates revealed that he still does dollar cost averaging to BTC during an appearance on a podcast. I buy a fixed amount each week, regardless of price.

He also considers it a “risk” not to own BTC as a hedge of what he calls the “sovereign debt crisis”.

“I’m not suggesting that anyone should take all their money and put it into these things, but what I’m suggesting very strongly is that if anyone has a position on these things, Those who don’t are taking more risks than they need to. Of the upside options,” he explained:

“Bitcoin could go to zero, but I personally believe Bitcoin will go up 100x.”

So when asked if he agreed that one bitcoin would end up worth $2 million (100 times the current spot price), Leppard didn’t hesitate.

“Yeah, easy, easy,” he replied, setting a five- to six-year timeframe for benefits to materialize.

Lepard added that the next macro cap for BTC/USD is up to $200,000, followed by another 70% drawdown.

the predictions are nearly identical different price base Emerging in the last few days, the next cycle bear market bottom is at $35,000.

BTC/USD is trading around $19,600 at the time of writing, and here’s the data: Cointelegraph Market Pro When TradingView It hit a one-week high on that day.

BTC/USD 1 hour candlestick chart (Bitstamp).Source: Trading View

$14,000 strengthens as buy zone

High prospects for BTC’s price performance are historically nothing new to the space, but few have ultimately materialized.

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Among those yet to be proven is serial investor Tim Draper, who was even more confident recently. Bitcoin to reach $250,000 in 2022 Or early 2023.

In April, Kathy Wood, CEO of ARK Investment Management, said: $1 million BTC target.

Earlier, Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, said: maintained The company’s $200,000 BTC price target despite the bear market already knocking it out.

Meanwhile, closer to home, $14,000 popular lower targetshared by Leopard himself.

He said that if BTC/USD hits that level, he will “back up the track.”

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