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Brink Announces $1 Million Donation-Matching Campaign From Marathon Digital Holdings For Bitcoin Development

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On stage at the Bitcoin 2023 conference, brink Announced a matching campaign to solicit donations from Bitcoin mining companies Marathon Digital Holdings Support the work of Bitcoin Core developers. Marathon will match donations to Blink two-for-one during the conference through May 20, then he will match donations one-for-one through the end of the year, up to a total cap of $1 million.

“We will convert $1 for each $500,000 worth of donations that Brink receives for our core developers. will be donated,” said Marathon CEO Fred Thiel. “Thus, if you believe in the importance of supporting core development efforts, he strongly encourages you to donate whatever you can, such as fifty cents, one dollar, during the conference.”

By pledging to match all third-party donations up to a total of $500,000 by December 31, 2023, Marathon wants to advance Blink’s support for developers who maintain and upgrade Bitcoin’s code. I think. Since 2020, Brink has made Bitcon more accessible through grants, mentorship, and education, including former lead maintainer Marco Falke, Lightning Network whitepaper author Tadge Dryja, and Bitcoin Core PR Review Club’s Gloria Zhao. , has supported a number of developers working to make it more advanced.

“We have nine developers in five countries, all independent developers funded by Brink,” explained Mike Schmidt, Executive Director of Brink. “I wish this bitcoin software that is driving all of this innovation would be better reviewed, better tested, better maintained, easier to run, and better performing. On that point, I think we all agree, which is why at Brink we spend over 50% of our time testing and reviewing Bitcoin core code, suggesting changes to the core codebase, and basically making the software better. We are funding recipients to make it safe.”

Donate to Brinkthrough its website You can now enter the game. Thiel framed the campaign as part of Marathon’s larger effort to protect the Bitcoin network as a key contributor of hashrate, the computational power that guarantees Bitcoin’s immutability.

“We believe this is the most secure protocol out there, and we and the rest of the industry will do everything we can to support developers and encourage activity in this space as much as possible. I think we should do that,” Thiel said.

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