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Decentraland Lays Building Foundations with SDK 7

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After months of anticipation, Decentraland has released the all-new Software Development Kit (SDK) 7 Beta. This kit is open for anyone to use and build, furthering the development of the Metaverse. Among the new and improved features are new UI, improved performance, access to the latest version of TypeScript, expanded external library compatibility, and more that creators can look forward to.

This kit is built with three principles in mind: usability, performance, and portability. Still, this is not the final product, as many improvements are planned. Our current goal is to pave the way for creating powerful editors that allow creators to work with visual interfaces and code at the same time.

The release of SDK 7 will coincide with the release of the first version of the Decentraland Editor. This is a tool that helps streamline and simplify the scene development process. Ultimately, editors should enable visual editing for those who need it. Therefore, no coding proficiency is required to develop scenes. This makes building in the metaverse easier.

Decentraland plans to build the next version of the editor with SDK 7

Decentraland points out that the next version of its editor will build on the foundation set by SDK 7. Additionally, the kit makes it easy to create different alternative projects in the Decentraland ecosystem, positively impacting performance and opening more avenues. Robust and streamlined multiplayer functionality.

Overall, the new features added in SDK 7 Beta include a new UI system based on FlexBox, an optimized internal message flow and UI system, and performance improvements with the latest version of TypeScript (ES6) . Access to more external JavaScript and TypeScript libraries, and many other perks.

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