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Decentralized Bitcoin-Focused Social Media App Zion May Use Nostr In The Future

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From identity to data, here’s how Zion’s CEO sees the future of the app.

The recent introduction of the decentralized social media protocol Nostr has taken the world of decentralized technology by storm. Even Block CEO Jack Dorsey has endorsed his love for the protocol, encouraging its use, funding its development, and using it quite often himself. Meanwhile, decentralized social media app Zion has followed Nostr’s growth. Zion’s CEO and founder Justin Rezvani asked if the two were competing. However, he reveals that both Zion and himself understand the benefits, confirming that he believes Zion will be closely intertwined with Nostle going forward.

“As far as Nostr is concerned, Zion is an application and Nostr is a protocol, so we don’t see them as competitive or complementary,” Rezvani explains. “Zion may use Nostr in the future. What we are building is centered around messaging, identity and payment innovation. Zion is the first app for this technology. What we’ve built on Decentralized Identities (DID) and Decentralized Web Nodes (DWN) is complementary to what Nostr is doing, and the addition of Nostr will help creators at Zion. We are very excited to see how the impact of the user experience increases.It is part of our goal and what guides us to a better experience for creators.”

Rezvani believes one aspect of decentralized content rolodex that Nostr lacks is data storage, which he says Zion does well. Nonsense. Reliable data storage He needs a mechanism and I think the combination of DID, DWNS and Nostr makes a great combination. “

In addition to this, there is also the idea of ​​allowing content creators to monetize directly. In fact, Zion was one of the first companies to seize this opportunity, beating Nostle in a recent sighting. explosion in micropayment activity.

“Zion has had ‘zaps’ in its applications since it launched in August 2021, with 120,000 ‘zaps’ in the first six months of going live,” Rezvani explained. “In a world where the cost of content goes to zero, there needs to be something that shows the most influential content. If someone is creating something meaningful that resonates with their audience, it should be recognized and rewarded.” is.”

was there heads up Nostr Key Management and Privacy. While the protocol is relatively small today, these issues could become major challenges later. Commenting on how Zion addresses these issues, Rezvani said: When you create your account, you will be given a 12-word seed phrase, but your private key will not be published. Video posted further down In the previously linked Twitter thread.

But claiming the throne as the world’s social media platform of choice is no small feat. Bitcoin enthusiasts especially understand the power of network effects and Twitter is the most used platform in the world. But that doesn’t deter Shion.

“Legacy networks have real problems that need to be solved right now, and that is what we are working on every day through the lens of decentralization. and build something truly unique,” ​​said Rezvani.

And he is not alone.meta is reportedly It seems that it has started working on its own decentralized Twitter alternative and recognizes the benefits such a platform would bring. The emergence of Meta opens up a healthy and fierce competition for the decentralized social media market.

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