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Despite global downturn, Taiwan’s TSMC plans to recruit 6,000 engineers

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According to TSMC, the plan is to gain 6,000 engineering workforce by 2023;

TSMC Building – Illustrative photo.Image Credits: Cheng Chengkun flickerCC BY 2.0

The global electronics and microchip manufacturing industries are facing a relatively strong recession. Many companies have announced headcount reductions and are looking to apply various cost-cutting measures across their operations, including investment cuts from the second half of 2022 onwards.

For example, Intel Corp previously announced a 5% to 25% pay cut for mid-level and executive staff. Rumors surfaced last November that Intel was planning to do so. Eliminate “thousands of jobs” Responded to the slump in the PC market.

From this perspective, TSMC’s hiring wave appears to be going against the tide. But apparently, continued orders from some high-end customers such as Apple keep TSMC’s business at a relatively stable level.

The company expects revenue to decline in the first quarter of 2023 and announced a precautionary cut in capital spending, but expects demand to gain momentum in the second half of the year. Additional positions are being prepared to accommodate this rising economy.

According to TSMC, the average annual salary for a new engineer with a master’s degree is about $65,578.07.

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