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Despite several new faces, UAA women’s basketball expects to uphold the same gold standard

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The University of Alaska Anchorage women’s basketball team had a huge hole to fill before the season started after losing program star Tené Boliva and other key players.

Rather than rebuild, the Seawolves were able to reload thanks to what head coach Ryan McCarthy described as a “really good recruiting class.”

“This is one of the better recruiting classes we’ve had when it comes to women who are ready to make an immediate impact,” McCarthy said.

Despite losing Voliba, who led the team in points, blocks, rebounds, steals and minutes last year, their base remains the same as returning players such as Jana Hajdukovich, Nicole Pinkney and Jazzfer Evans. Yes, and was the next three scoring leaders. one year ago.

“I really like this team. They get along very well,” McCarthy said. “This is a pretty special group when it comes to team chemistry.”

The Seawolves will face two opponents in Hawaii on Sunday against the Hawaii Pacific in Honolulu. The UAA has a chaminade on Monday.

According to McCarthy, when the staff gathers a large number of newcomers, when they all arrive on campus on the first day, they are adjusting the size of each to see who will fill which roles and positions.

“From day one, there was no animosity,” McCarthy said. “I think there is healthy competition in every practice. But ultimately I think it will become more versatile and harder to guard towards the second half of the season.”

UAA Senior Guard Transfer Vishe' Rabb

One player he said is junior guard Vishe’ Rabb, who has already performed at all conference levels. In her first game as a Seawolf, Love led the team in both points and rebounds and recorded a double-double in her 86-58 victory over La Sierra last Sunday. .

She said it felt like a sitcom or “comedy skit” whenever the team got together off the court, regardless of the setting.

“It doesn’t matter if I go to the movies in the locker room or not. No matter what I do, I’m always goofy,” Love said.

As much fun as a lot of people have off the court, they’re all business when they step into the hardwoods.

“This is the goofiest group I’ve ever been with, so you have to be ready to be teased. That’s for sure,” Love said. “When you walk into the gym, you have to flip over.”

UAA Senior Guard Transfer Vishe' Rabb

fast-acting chemistry in a short time

This year’s team, which was just formed, already has a strong bond off the court. Now they want to bring that camaraderie to their respective fields.

“By the time we get into conference play, we want to have a well-oiled machine,” Love said. “I think we’re just working out the kinks now.”

As a coach, McCarthy usually only sees players during the day or when they drop by his office in a basketball setting.

“On our first road trip, we got to see a little more of how they interacted socially, and we had some characters on this team,” McCarthy said. , these goofy hotties having fun with each other and no one taking it personally.That’s what you do to your family.”

Strengths in athleticism and leadership

McCarthy believes this year’s team’s strength lies in its overall athleticism. This makes it more versatile overall.

“We’ve been able to move people in different positions, but they’re longer athletes, so it still makes sense,” he said. We were able to do that and we had two 5 guards, so it worked well.”

Another key strength of the team, according to McCarthy, is leadership.

“Jana Hajdukovich and Kimani Fernandez are our captains this year and they’ve done a really good job of setting the standard for how we should compete and how we should treat each other. I think I did..

Both players are seniors and come back from last year’s team. McCarthy said he did a great job of instilling the high standards of focus, effort and execution that come with playing for the Seawolves.

“I think a lot of it is the players, not me or the coaching staff,” McCarthy said. “There’s a group of older people here who understand what the standards are. They’ve won championships and they know what they need.”

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