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Digital cognitive behaviour therapies recommended by NICE across the NHS

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Treatment helps young people and children with mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) conditionally endorses Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for use in the NHS. A course of treatment is expected to help children and adolescents with mild to moderate anxiety symptoms.

A draft guidance released for consultation states that the technology can be used with the assistance of a mental health professional. On the other hand, additional evidence is generated to confirm whether the benefits offered are actually realized.

If recommendations are confirmed after initial consultation, technology may be offered to some children and young people identified by mental health professionals as having mild to moderate anxiety symptoms or low mood. I have.

Patients may also be provided other support, such as face-to-face CBT, alongside digital therapy, if needed.

The five products offer games, videos, and quizzes aimed at helping children and young people better understand anxiety symptoms and learn techniques to manage them.

Digital CBT is delivered via tablet, computer, or mobile phone and can be accessed remotely. Increased capacity to support face-to-face CBT. This distribution system may be particularly appealing to young people who regularly use digital technology such as smartphones.

An independent NICE panel found that there is some evidence to suggest that guided self-help digital CBT techniques may improve symptoms of anxiety.

Mark Chapman, interim director of medical technology at NICE, explains: Technologies such as these can help children and young people reach greater levels of support.

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