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El Salvador Launches CUBO+ Educational Program Aimed At Producing Elite Bitcoin And Lightning Developers

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Bitcoin Country seeks to produce world-class Bitcoin and Lightning engineers through a new program powered by the university system.

The Bitcoin Office of El Salvador has announced a new six-month educational program titled “CUBO+” aimed at training elite-level Bitcoin and Lighting developers through El Salvador’s university system.

The program will begin in May and will consist of a relatively small group of students under the age of 25, drawn from among the best students at El Salvador’s universities, according to the Office. The first group is the students of Don Bosco University. They will compete for the first Plan B fellowship funded by Tether and Fulgur Ventures.The project is a recently announced world first between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland. bitcoin embassy in the city of Switzerland.

The program will be led and taught by Bitcoin’s brightest minds, which will be announced soon. Classes span a wide range of topics from high-level technical developments specific to Bitcoin to decentralized technologies such as Holepunch, Nostr and Web5. The program is privately funded and all students eligible for a Plan B Fellowship receive a scholarship to cover course costs.

The first two months of the program are online, followed by a two-week face-to-face bootcamp offering an intensive full-day course in San Salvador. The remaining months will include close online instruction from Bitcoin’s top names.

Information shared with Bitcoin Magazine explains how the program will become a framework that others can use as an open source standard for higher-level Bitcoin education. Educational experts are involved in course design and are committed to setting standards for other countries to follow.

After completing the course, students are presented with a variety of options to continue their Bitcoin journey, including the option of a full-time job at a reputable Bitcoin company. Otherwise, you can get entrepreneurial opportunities and continuing education.

The name Cubo+ comes from a project initiated by President Nayib Bukele as mayor of San Salvador. When he was mayor, the city built buildings in poor neighborhoods, and these buildings served as libraries and community centers to advance education. The program hopes to use this inspiration to build the future of El Salvador.

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