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Finamark – a Complete Guide with Images

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Somewhat new in the trading software space, Finamark was launched in 2016 to meet specific needs. The goal is to provide traders with an aesthetically pleasing and functional platform that does not overwhelm low-end computers.

As one of the few web-based trading software solutions, Finamark gives traders access to futures and forex trading while providing access to a wide range of indicators, breaking news and other essential trading tools. increase. Accessibility in both system requirements and user interface means Finamark is a great option for new traders. However, it also has a lot to offer the more sophisticated and experienced trader.

pros and cons

Strong Points:

  • A browser-based system that eliminates the need for high-end computing
  • A series of customizable widgets for all levels of trading experience and strategies
  • 14 days free trial


  • A limited educational library that goes beyond user manuals.Inexperienced traders should learn the theory behind forex and futures elsewhere
  • Newbies can be overwhelmed by the wealth of options if they are unfamiliar with typical trading widget features

Features of Finamark

Finamark has a wide range of features and functions, but they are primarily focused on accessibility, ensuring an intuitive and comprehensive experience for traders of all skill and experience levels. Its core accessibility focus is on web transactions, with more emphasis on widgets than immutable layouts. We’ll cover each one in detail, but here’s the full range of the most important Finamark features:

web based

Many trading platforms are cumbersome and overload computer systems. Downloaded trading software often crawls operations, even on moderately equipped machines. This is the last thing a trader needs when trying to enter or exit a position quickly. As a result, new traders interested in learning the market first-hand often had no choice but to start with a complete overhaul and upgrade of their computer systems. This effectively renders the entire market segment unable to even start.

Recognizing that need, Finamark has developed a browser-based trading platform to make various computing functions run more smoothly. Of course, this is great for novice traders who don’t want to commit to a major upgrade. Also suitable for

Ultimately, Finamark’s web-based experience means you can instantly log in from anywhere without waiting for downloads. It works on low end machines with little to no performance degradation across devices. Additionally, widgets and windows remain intact no matter where you log in from.


Finamark’s web-based platform is built around widgets rather than fixed displays. Each chart, data source, indicator, etc. has its own widget that can be resized and dragged wherever convenient for the trader.

Finamark groups its widgets by function and type. Widgets can be saved in custom layouts that can be used universally across devices.

Finamark supports a wide variety of widgets and the development team expands the options with each update, but here are some of the most popular:

repeat function

P/L: Track your account profit or loss. Finamark will display his P/L for the lifetime of the account when trading forex. However, in futures trading, the platform only shows his P/L for a given day. This tracks profit and loss for individual trades and is different from position P/L shown in other widgets.

Symbol: The symbol indicates the name of the traded asset. The widget has dropdowns and a search function to easily filter and find the asset you’re looking for.

Quantity Calculator: Widget allows you to calculate position size to optimize capital and reduce risk.

Buy/Sell: This feature allows you to enter and close positions at the current market price (for fast order execution) or open an order window to customize your preferred trading conditions.

Price: While the asset’s price is displayed in multiple widgets, the standalone price widget shows the latest price and bid/ask spread. You can also see bid/ask volume for a snapshot of order flow and market depth.


The chart widget is central to Finamark’s browser platform and can (depending on your preference) display:

  • asset symbol
  • Current price
  • time
  • bid/ask
  • Execution of buy orders
  • Execution of sell orders
  • drawing tools
  • flag
  • One-click trade approval to speed up execution without relying on hotkeys
  • symbol search

drawing tools

In addition to indicators, many traders like to use drawing tools to highlight specific areas of their charts. Finamark’s widgets have a robust set of drawing tools, allowing you to draw:

  • Vertical line
  • horizontal line
  • trend line
  • Channel
  • arrow
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • box
  • colour
  • sentence
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The account widget can display as much account information as you want, or as little as you like. Options are:

  • balance
  • with margin
  • used margin
  • Loan Fee (Forex Only)
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Daily profit and loss
  • open income statement

Reconstructed tape

This very handy widget allows traders to see a complete report of their futures trading activity. Order flow can help reveal market dynamics and open opportunities to jump into trades.


The Positions widget shows traders current portfolio spending by asset. Includes details about open positions such as symbol, trading date, asset name, entry and current prices, and position P/L. At the bottom of the widget you will see the open P/L of all open trades and his daily P/L to monitor progress.


The widget keeps a running log of all order executions, including working, filled and canceled orders. These can be viewed individually or together as a chronological journal. The widget shows the date, time, quantity, status, and execution price of the order.


This customizable widget lets you see all the details you need to know about your assets of interest. You can include price, daily percent change, total trades, and even a line chart of the price to spot off-chart trends.

Board information

It shows order flow and helps traders better visualize running data by extending volume at price points to relative bars.

Finamark setup

Finamark setup is very convenient. No need to download any software, just open your browser and log in. You can maximize your trading experience by setting up features such as:

  • Create and save your favorite layouts or import old layouts.
  • Add and remove widgets.
  • Change settings, including colors.

You also need to establish a connection with your data provider. Finamark pre-populates the data connections to choose from, and users click on the unplugged red icon to select a data connection. Disconnecting from a specific provider works similarly.

Finamark User Interface

Traders are not limited to wasting screen space with data and widgets they never intend to use. You can choose the best layout instead.

Using standard hotkey controls, Finamark allows day traders to enter and exit positions as quickly as possible. Pre-enabled standardized hotkeys include:

  • Ctrl + Click: Open a pending order at the clicked price.
  • Shift + Ctrl + Click: Open a stop order at the clicked price.
  • Left and right arrow keys: Move the chart left and right in small increments.
  • Up/down arrow keys: Increase/decrease the scale on the vertical axis.
  • Shift-click and drag the price axis: Resize the scaling as in the options above.
  • Mouse scroll: move the chart up and down.
  • Search by /: This searches for assets by exact code, so you don’t have to scroll through many assets to find the desired asset. For example, searching for /ES shows ES, ESQ, EST, and ESK.

What indicators are available in Finamark?

Finamark has a rich set of indicators available. You can also group your preferred indicators into collections and switch between them depending on your preferred strategy and assets. Finamark metrics include:

Finamark system requirements

The Finamark team recommends using Google Chrome as the platform works best. Since Finamark is browser-based, there are no defined minimum operating system requirements. Still, we recommend that prospective users sign up for Finamark’s free trial to test their browser experience and determine if their machine can keep up.


Finamark offers a 14-day free trial period to test the platform. After the trial, you have four licensing options:

  1. Monthly: $49
  2. Quarterly: $125
  3. Semiannually: $235
  4. Yearly: $450
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Finamark not only stands out for its browser-based trading, but also thanks to its excellent customer service. This is one of the few providers that offers live support during business hours.

Support is available directly in your browser, by email, or in the form of a complete user guide and online community forums.

problems of the past

Users typically report problems with trade execution. This could be due to network connectivity delays, but in each case reported, the customer’s service representative explained the problem to the user. As a result, potential issues may be addressed more quickly.


Finamark’s unique positioning as one of the only browser-based futures trading platforms makes it an excellent option for novice and experienced traders. The spectrum of widgets and extensive customization opportunities make this platform ideal for all strategies and trading techniques. Finamark is one of the most intuitive and accessible platforms on the market.

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