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Full Journalytix Access During Your Subscription

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We are excited to announce that we are expanding access to Journalytix. trader career path and the Gauntlet Mini™ Trader Funding Program. Going forward, Journalytix will be available with all Earn2Trade subscriptions for the entire subscription term.

This change applies to all current and future subscriptions.

Why Use Journalytix

Gain an edge in the automated futures market trading journal An analytical program created by the same team that developed the Jigsaw daytradr™ trading platform.

This program offers the following features:

  • Automatic real-time collection and journaling of transaction information
  • Intelligent analytics and statistics based on trading data.
  • A real-time trading assistant that helps you organize each trading day.

Subscribers can access the app at Earn2Trade Dashboard Journalytix tab or program own website.

Don’t forget to check our previous announcements if you missed it.

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