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Govt to procure power from imported coal-based plants to ensure adequate supply during summers

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The Ministry of Electric Power held tenders to procure 1,500 megawatts (MW) of power from imported coal-based (ICB) power plants in April and May of this year. less than demand.

NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam (NVVN)’s DEEP e-Bidding Portal opened an electronic tender on Monday to procure power from ICB power plants.

NVVN, a subsidiary of NTPC, has been nominated as a nodal agency to facilitate the delivery of 1,500 MW of unadjusted capacity from ICB power plants during the identified crisis period (10 April to 10 May) it was done. This is expected to ensure sufficient supply at the DAM and have a mitigating effect on liquidation prices, the Demand for Supply (RfS) document said.

The final date for submission of bids is February 14th, and bidders will be selected on the same day. Price bidding for qualified bidders will begin on his February 20th. The letter of award (LoA) will be issued on his February 25, he added, and the contract between the selected bidder and her NVVN will be signed on his March 4.

“NVVN intends to select suitable bidders eligible for the commencement of price bidding, with bidding commenced on the date specified in this RfS, and then issue an LOA through an open competitive bidding process in accordance with the procedures set forth. A reverse auction will be held here to do so,” the tender document said.

Delivery of power from selected ICB power plants to DAM shall commence no less than thirty (30) days from date of LoA. To realize such supply, the selected ICB plant must provide capacity through a node agency in any of the power exchanges that have successfully operated the DAM for the last 30 consecutive days of each time block. Yes, he added.

“Bidders shall provide power on a firm basis up to the amount indicated in the RfS document and shall not fall below 200 MW,” it said.

On weekdays (Monday through Saturday), full capacity shall be dispatched throughout the day, and 55% of capacity shall be dispatched throughout the day on Sundays, holidays or extreme weather conditions.

Bid offers multiple fee structures including separate fixed fees, variable fees, and initiation fees. Seller must also maintain standard weekly availability of 95% for the duration of the contract.

power demand

Anticipating increased electricity consumption, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) Suomotsu The December 28th order extended the price cap of INR 12 per unit across all market segments on the Power Exchange for additional orders.

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA)’s 20th India Electricity Survey, released in November 2022, forecasts peak electricity demand for all India at around 230 GW for the 24 fiscal years starting from April 2023.

In December, Electricity Minister RK Singh said he expects electricity demand in April 2023 to increase by 30-40 GW year-on-year. Energy consumption in April 2022 stood at 133 BU, an increase of 11% year-on-year, while national peak demand was 207.11 GW, an annual growth rate of 13%.

On Monday, Singh chaired a review, planning and monitoring (RPM) meeting with state and state power companies.

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