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Therapeutic candidate selected for lead project targeting mast cell-driven disease

Granular Therapeutics – a company focused on treating conditions of mast cell origin – has announced a clinical candidate for its lead program that has already shown promising results in preclinical studies.

The company is currently initiating an IND-ready study and proof of concept (POC) in preparation for further clinical development. The concept was launched in 2019 with the backing of Medicxi and Granular has gained considerable understanding of mast cell biology and their role in chronic inflammatory diseases.

Granular has since developed a pipeline of next-generation approaches that specifically target mast cells. This system facilitates mast cell suppression, allowing safe long-term administration of mast cell-mediated diseases such as chronic urticaria and systemic mastocytosis, and avoiding systemic toxicity.

Granular Therapeutics co-founder and board member Jonny Finlay was optimistic about the difference the program would make. It is an ideal time to add new capabilities to the company to optimize the positioning of Granular’s exciting innovative portfolio of assets across high-priority therapeutic areas in the field of chronic inflammatory diseases. “

Brian Kim, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Granular Therapeutics, added: Granular offers a next-generation modality that promises increased selectivity and safety. “

Francesco De Rubertis, President of Granular Therapeutics concludes: As we approach a critical inflection point, Thibaut’s expertise and knowledge will be invaluable in determining the future of our innovative programme. “

Meanwhile, Granular has appointed Dr. Thibaud Portal as Chief Executive Officer.