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India engages consultants to identify critical mineral assets in Australia

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The Center has engaged consultants to identify key Australian minerals sector assets and companies and to provide the necessary support to public and private sector Indian companies to acquire those assets.

Mines Secretary Vivek Bharadwaj said the Indian and Australian governments are working together to identify key minerals sector companies and expect to focus on several in the coming months. .

“We have commissioned consultants. The Governments of India and Australia are working together to identify key minerals industry players within the next two months. After conducting our due diligence, we are pleased to offer these opportunities to private companies.” Here with the Ministry of Mines and Coal on Thursday.

Samples of rare earth minerals (left to right): cerium oxide, bastnasite, neodymium oxide, and lanthanum carbonate at Molycorp’s Mountain Pass Rare Earth Facility in Mountain Pass, California | Photo Credit: Reuters

The government also plans to send a team of geologists to look for opportunities in Argentina by the end of this month. He has two types of lithium available in Argentina. A team of geologists was able to go and find out the feasibility of the property.

“There are companies[in Australia]that are active at different levels, one in exploration, another in the early stages of discovering minerals, and some with offtake contracts,” he said. , underscored the possibility of acquiring these to enhance India’s vital mineral resources. base.

West Bengal Policy on Mining of Minor Minerals

To overcome land acquisition hurdles and curb illegal mining in mining of minor minerals, the West Bengal government has announced a new policy to allow mining of minor minerals such as blackstone, limestone and quartz on private land. did.

Industry, Commerce and Enterprises Minister Shashi Panja said the state government will offer private mining licenses to those who own land. This policy, if implemented, could help enrich government coffers with licensing and royalties.

“The state cabinet has approved a policy regarding mining licenses on private land. The regulations will be in place by December,” a senior state official said.

Birbhum, West Burdwan, Purulia, West Midnapore and Bankura are a few districts of the state with great potential for mining trace minerals.

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