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Juke Serves Up Pop Culture Digital Collectables

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There’s never been a better time to become a fan of movies, TV shows, and other pop culture content. This is because there are so many ways to collect physical and digital memorabilia related to your favorite media. Today, pop culture fans Jukea new digital collectibles platform created especially for them.

Access pop culture collectibles

Scheduled to launch on February 1, 2023, Juke offers a digital collection of the world’s most famous franchises. Thus, its first product was officially licensed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and launched a dynamic poster featuring artwork by Akiko Stehrenberger.

Stehrenberger is well known in the industry for his work on projects like Dune and The Batman, so these posters are sure to be a hit. Acquiring the collectible guarantees at least him the chance to own one limited edition frame and a rare dynamic poster of him.

All in all, Juke will launch just 1200 Ace Ventura NFTs, including 1000 “common” collections and 200 “rare” editions, at an incredibly reasonable price of just $20 each. However, to be eligible for the drop, moviegoers must first join her Juke’s closed beta program or be on the allow list.

Find out how >> Here

The future looks bright for pop culture fans

The project is more than just this one drop, as Juke’s management explains its mission to users. Being fans of pop culture themselves, they wanted to give others the chance to own a piece of the media they love and embrace their community. This concept has already seen success in projects such as NBA Top Shot and is now being expanded.

As its mission statement explains, fans should get more for their role in the industry than just entertainment, and Juke seeks to deliver this.

“We’ve seen film and television firsthand, from idea to development, production, marketing, distribution and audience acceptance. […] I think these super die-hard fans deserve more than just “entertainment”.

Considering the fact that we’re starting with such an impressive product, there’s a lot to get excited about.

Head over to Juke.io to prepare for your drop >> Here

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