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Layer designs Ledger Stax hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrency

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design studio layer We collaborated with technology brand Ledger and designer Tony Fadell to create Ledger Stax. Cryptocurrency When NFTs.

Ledger Stax is a hardware wallet. A device that stores the digital keys needed to encrypt and decrypt crypto assets offline and is considered the most secure. Users can also view and send cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through their devices.

layer Developed a product with a French company ledgerpreviously designed the Nano hardware wallet. The initial idea came from his Fadell, where he led iPod development at Apple and now co-founded Nest Labs. Google Nest.

Ledger Stax is a hardware wallet with a wraparound e-ink screen.

Ledger Stax is built on the same architecture as the Nano series, but with a unique form of layering that enhances the experience of interacting with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Its signature features are an e-ink screen that wraps around the front and spine of the device, allowing for intuitive touch interaction, and considering the technology’s energy efficiency, it offers weeks or even months of battery life. increase.

layer originator Benjamin Hubert sees e-ink screens as an “underutilized” technology that fits perfectly with Ledger Stax’s text-based needs and allows for a different type of design language, freed from cell phone expectations. will do so.

Photos and NFTs can be displayed in grayscale on the lock screen to help personalize your device. It’s roughly the size of a credit card, but with a 6mm spine and a little more thickness.

Three Ledger Stax devices viewed from different angles. One shows a Bored Ape NFT in grayscale
Photos and NFTs can be displayed in grayscale on the lock screen

This design also allows multiple devices to be stacked like physical currency or traditional ledgers. Adjacent devices are held magnetically, allowing users to organize their portfolios across separate devices while clearly identifying them from the label on the spine.

In addition to allowing users to manage their crypto assets, Ledger Stax also allows them to explore Web3 apps via the Ledger Live app that connects their devices to their smartphones.

The device has an aluminum casing, which Layer says has a reassuring weight in your hand, emphasizing its safety. Soft edges make it easy to grip.

In addition to the touchscreen, there is a single button that provides the functions of powering the device on and off, locking and unlocking the screen.

Three Ledger Stax devices standing upright like a ledger
Multiple devices magnetically stick together

Layer has been working on Ledger Stax for two years.Hubert believes the value of cryptocurrencies plummeted in recent monthsthere has never been a better time to launch a product as it offers people an alternative to using centralized exchange for storage.

“Aside from the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, recent news has heightened the need for people to understand how and why they are putting assets into their own hands,” Hubert told Dezeen. “A common expression in the cryptocurrency world is ‘not your key, not your coin’, which means you must possess the private key associated with the funds.”

“For the struggles that many centralized exchanges have been dealing with, especially the collapse of FTX and its tragic impact on the average person, nothing could have been more appropriate,” he continued.

“Ledger’s secure architecture continues to lead in that respect, and Ledger Stax couldn’t be more timely.”

Close up of spine of Ledger Stax device showing text reading "Tony's NFT"
Devices can be labeled with electronic text on the spine

Hubert says its e-ink screen makes the Ledger Stax more sustainable than many other consumer devices. This technology consumes less power only when refreshed, instead of constantly consuming like O-LED screens.

Sustainability is Cryptocurrencies and NFTs have long been criticized, due to the amount of computing power required. However, Hubert said more energy-efficient solutions are gradually being introduced, noting that: Ethereum Switching from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake Model Earlier this year, for example.

“This is likely to increase as cryptocurrencies continue to mature, and there are already many other players in the space offering sustainability as part of its ethos,” said Hubert. .

A close-up of the back of the Ledger Stax device
This device was created in collaboration with Ledger and Tony Fadell.

The designer, who has what he describes as a “moderate investment” in the cryptocurrency Ethereum, said the project fits Layer’s interest in enabling cultural change and working with complementary technologies. says.

“Like any market, Ethereum has its ups and downs, but I think it has a promising future,” said Hubert. “Being part of an emerging financial market is exciting, and working with Ledger has only cemented my belief in the potential of crypto.”

Ledger Stax is the second crypto product following Layer. Trove, a system that incorporates a wearable device such as a watch.The studio regularly works in technical spaces, and more recently also in design Smart glasses for Viture When Meditation Headset for Resonate.

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