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Lens Protocol – The Future of Decentralized Social Media

by CryptoFan
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In the realm of old-fashioned Web2, social media has seen a lot of controversy lately as many legacy platforms struggle to adapt to the new world. But now Web3 is trying to take the baton from the old guard. lens protocol Offer a better alternative.

Rather than being a social media platform per se, the Lens Protocol represents the new social graph. In a nutshell, it provides an entire on-chain identity centered around profile NFTs. These NFTs store all important information about followers and interactions. This allows users of the platform to pass the entire following to any plugin that works within the framework. It could be a messaging service, a video sharing platform, a Twitter clone, or something new you haven’t thought of yet.

Additionally, all core data is linked to one NFT, allowing users to manage their own information for the first time. This means users can choose what happens to their information and monetize their data on their own terms. You can also take full control of your profile and set parameters for your followers to fend off the bot scourge.

Thus, a paradigm shift has begun within Web3 as questions remain about the social media giants of the old generation.

Learn more about the lens protocol >> here

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