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Motorola shows off its concept rollable smartphone

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I’ve seen rollable device concepts from companies such as: Oppo and TCL, and LG is Rollable smart phone for business use Until then stop making mobile devices last year. Currently, Lenovo is showing off laptops with rollout displays, while its mobile division Motorola has its smartphones rolling out. These still seem like practical endeavors.

The phone starts out at a very pocketable 4 inches tall, but with the click of a button, the OLED panel expands to its normal size of 6.5 inches. Click again to restore the phone to its original shape. Available in both sizes, the content on the screen including the home screen, videos, etc. adapts to the size as shown below.

Lenovo also showed off a rollable laptop that starts with a typical landscape display and then can be rolled into a square shape, making it suitable for documents and vertical TikTok-style videos. President Brian Leonard explained in the video that this is part of Lenovo’s research into new form factors, starting with the ThinkPad 360P laptop/tablet. “The content dynamically adjusts to fit the screen, so it can scale to a much larger screen area, allowing you to hypertask in unprecedented ways for productivity, browsing, and more,” he explained. .

Motorola already makes a folding device called the Razr, which unfortunately is only available in China, but a rotatable device is even more complicated.However, people seem to like them — LG’s, for example Retractable organic EL TV was a hot item at CES 2019. In some ways, roll screens are more elegant than folding screens. No hinges or creases to worry about. It’s still in the realm of concepts for now, but I’m hoping Lenovo will commercialize it.

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