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MW2 Has A Great Weapon XP Farm, If You Can Pull It Off

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call of duty is a grind, modern warfare 2 is no exceptionThe latest installment in the popular war crime simulator series is packed with passes to rank up and boondoggles to unlock. Want to play with a fully customized M4? It takes a while. Luckily, players have discovered an incredibly lucrative weapon XP farm to speed things up. The only problem is that it’s far from the easiest maneuver.

This trick involves jumping on top of an enemy armored vehicle and throwing a suppression mine inside. If successful, he will soon be rewarded with over 40,000 XP. If you fail, your kill mortality will drop and the entire match will be wasted.Here is the XP farm exploit that was discovered Yesterday on Redditactive Via MW2CODHub:

Basically the suppressor is constantly re-triggered by the tank driving residents, giving extra XP each time. However, there is an obvious problem. First you need to find enemy tanks. Second, mines with long cooldowns between uses should be well placed. Finally, you have to do it all without getting killed by the number of enemies that await you.

Tanks spawn in Invasion mode, and their matches scatter AI-controlled allies and foes across a huge map, making it a little easier to find openings in the chaos. spawns depends on your luck. One good news is that Invasion is already one of his most efficient modes for earning his XP in-game.Even if you are new to tanks, you can give it a try find a spawn point Select large groups of AI enemies to gain a significant amount of XP.

Also, if you see a tank during your travels, you will know what to do. Tank XP Farm may not be the most practical, but he’s definitely one of the best ways to level up.At least until Activision Potentially patch.

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