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Netris Pharma starts hepatocellular carcinoma study

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This study evaluates the efficacy of the anti-netrin-1 antibody candidate NP137 in combination with Atezo-bev

Netris Pharma, a drug development company based on the biology of dependence receptors, has administered the anti-Netrin-1 antibody NP137 in combination with atezolizumab to the first patient in a multicenter, single-arm, proof-of-concept study announced. -Bevacizumab (Atezo-bev).

This includes first-line patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The trial, Liver-NET1, will eventually enroll up to 52 patients and will consist of two parts: a safety run-in phase (3 to her 12 patients) and An expansion phase of his 40 patients followed. Objective response rates are measured. Netrin-1 is a protein ligand that is often overexpressed in many cancers.

Preclinical studies have shown that NP137 not only exerts anticancer effects as a monotherapy, but also exerts synergistic effects in combination with chemotherapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Dr. Gael Roth, Gastrointestinal Oncologist, Center Hospitalier Universitaire Grenoble Alpes, explains: His NP137’s unique mechanism of action that affects tumor plasticity has attracted significant interest from clinicians and may enhance patient response and reduce resistance in HCC treatment.

“We look forward to evaluating this combination in advanced HCC in the first-line setting, where therapeutic advances are seriously needed to better treat patients.”

Patrick Mehlen, CEO of Netris Pharma, said: Care in Multiple Tumor Indications”

“The company has already included patients in the GYNET and IMMUNONET trials to evaluate the potential incremental benefits of combining NP137 with immunotherapy and chemotherapy and sees great promise in HCC as well. “

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