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New Square Enix Farming Game Lets Players Be Gender-Neutral

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A Harvestera character standing in front of the game's gender selection screen.

Men, women and cool hats. All genders are considered.
screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

More options for gendered pronouns in video games, especially RPGs, shouldn’t be a big request from gamers. One of his producers at Square Enix said that making gamers feel welcome by including non-binary pronouns was a very small request, making it part of his new game. I believe it was very easy to do.

The game in question is a cute farming simulator HarvesteraRPG giant Square Enix just released yesterday on PC and Switch.It’s similar to stardew valley,letter Harvestera You are responsible for taking care of your crops, getting along with your neighbors, and overcoming calamities in the form of environmental disasters. HarvesteraEurogamer pointed out today is a character creation feature that gives players the option to choose male, female, or non-binary pronouns.

and Interview euro gamerproducer Daisuke Taka believes it’s “perfectly normal” for games to include non-binary options for players. But Taka said it was important to let players choose their gender identity because the game is meant to be “for everyone.”

“The protagonist of Harvestera is the player,” said Taka euro gamer“I thought it was important for players to create their own characters by choosing different factors such as gender, appearance, voice, and name. I felt it was important to express myself in a way that made me feel more attached to the character as a result.”

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Recently, among the bigoted peanut galleries of the gaming community, I am outraged by the announcement that video game characters are gender neutral.Look no further than the minority of voices within Guilty Gear Strive Communities that had collusion when the battle began Bridget When will Each came out as transgender and non-binary. As the burden of fees increases, a troglodyte masquerades as a customer service representative, fake emails about bridgette sex.

Square Enix has been making strides lately to make some of its games more inclusive.and July 2021 interview gamer, Final Fantasy VII Remake Co-director Motomu Toriyama said LGBTQ+ inclusion is an important issue for both gamers and developers.

“of Final Fantasy VII Remakeused the latest technology to reconstruct the original game, but felt that it should not stay on the technical side, but rather update the content of the story presented to suit modern sensibilities. said Toriyama. gamerIn the same month, the company Introducing a non-binary character mascotMina, for pride of the year.

However, JRPG giants aren’t always right.For example, someone might want to recall final fantasy xvi Producer Naoki Yoshida, contrary to his centrist view that people of color are getting older, Final Fantasy right Violate the “narrative boundaries” of the upcoming game’s medieval European settingBlack and Brown Ethnicity is not a “New Game Plus” feature on Earth.

I’m more into the vibe I’m feeling Harvestera Man. “Because the visibility of gender non-conforming people has become much more common, we thought it was important to reflect this in-game and show that all players are welcome in Harvestera.” Taka said.

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