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NFT marketplace Souffl3 closes $2 million in seed round

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According to the announcement, Souffl3, a “smart trading” NFT marketplace and launchpad on the Aptos blockchain, has raised $2 million in its latest seed funding round. Position October 28th.

The funding round was co-led by Crypto.com Capital and Synergies Capital. Other participants in this round are Huobi Incubator, M77 Ventures, and J17 Capital.

Souffl3 will use the funding to develop next-generation NFT experiences for creators, retailers and traders. Rei Kikuchi, his CEO and co-founder of Souffl3, said the protocol aims to build a new generation of full-stack NFT networks that link art and other assets to his Web3. rice field.

Bobby Bao, co-founder and managing director of Crypto.com Capital, praised the potential of Souffl3 in a statement.

“Souffl3 brings the smart trading features and intuitive experience users have come to expect when purchasing NFTs to the Aptos ecosystem. I hope.” Said, Bao

Synergis Capital Founder and Managing Partner Jerry Shi expresses the team’s confidence in Souffl3’s ability to develop a suite of tools and platforms that will help creators accelerate the delivery of transformative experiences I believe.

Souffl3 has emerged as a fully functional NFT marketplace. October 19thOver time, we have focused on providing advanced and unique experiences to our users. To achieve this, it utilized sophisticated markets and spontaneous trading tools.

Additionally, the protocol has been collaborating a lot lately to improve the user experience. Most recently, we partnered with WAV3 Creator Studio, a provider of tools for creating and managing NFTs without code.

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