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NHS Confederation responds to the appointment of Jeremy Hunt

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New Finance Minister leaves no doubt about the challenges ahead

After a tumultuous week that culminated in Liz Truss sprinting out of a press conference, a new prime minister has been sent to pick up the shattered pieces of economic policy.

In response to Hunt’s appointment, Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, along with former Health Minister Ed Argar (who holds the role of Treasurer), said:

“I congratulate Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt and Secretary of State Ed Argar on their new appointments as Prime Minister and Secretary of the Treasury respectively. One politician who recently admitted that the health service was facing the “biggest workforce crisis” in its history, took partial responsibility for creating such a crisis. Former health secretary.

“He also fully understands the gravity of the situation on the NHS with a dangerous winter approaching. For Mr. Hunt, who holds the power, this is the defining moment.

“In recent months he has repeatedly called on the government to put forward a much needed and fully funded plan for a 21st century fit NHS workforce.

“With 7 million people awaiting treatment, the new prime minister has also issued an immediate and urgent call to the NHS as it seeks to deal with substantial cuts in funding that could amount to more than £9 billion this year alone. Uniquely positioned to provide assistance: Inflation hits budgets, health care leaders warn both Hunt and Arger, also facing social care sector with 165,000 vacancies It will encourage us to recognize the immense challenges we face.”

He concludes: Simply put, in order to ensure economic growth and prosperity, governments should act for the long term, investing in health services as the country’s economic backbone and fully realizing that it is an important engine of economic stability. We have to recognize. The time to act is now. ”

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