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Outage caused by contract workers unintentionally deleting files

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced last week’s Stop computer system The temporary suspension of all US airline departures was due to the accidental deletion of files.

News promotion: A preliminary review determined that “contract personnel unknowingly deleted files while working to remediate synchronization between the live primary and backup databases,” the agency said. statement.

Big picture: The deactivation of systems that send safety warnings and other important information to pilots thousands of delays Cost cancellations and airlines billions of dollars.

detail: The FAA continues to investigate the outage, but so far has found no evidence of a cyberattack or malicious intent.

  • According to the statement, they made necessary repairs to the system and took steps to make notifications to Air Mission Systems systems more resilient.

What they say: “The agency is acting quickly to adopt other lessons learned in efforts to ensure the continued robustness of the country’s air traffic control system,” the FAA said.

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