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Overcharts – A Complete Guide with Images

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Overcharts is a comprehensive trading platform used by professionals around the world and designed with technical traders in mind. With robust technical analysis and charting tools, Overcharts is continuously evolving to give you the best possible trading experience.

Overcharts CEO and Founder Mauro Frasson said: “If we really start to fear innovation and the spark of wit goes out, it kind of robs us of our soul, the essence that makes us who we are.”

This spirit embodies the Overcharts experience. We aim to provide an innovative and adaptive trading experience, continuously innovating and incorporating new trends and customer feedback.

pros and cons

Strong Points:

  • Infinitely customizable charts and drawing options
  • High-end graphics engine supports as many indicators as traders need
  • Affordable considering the number of features available


  • Overcharts is not an intermediary and must connect to third parties for trade execution and data sourcing.
  • The graphics engine is too powerful and can be difficult to process on some machines.


Overcharts doesn’t have integrated broker connectivity like other trading platforms, but it supports many popular futures and FX brokers such as Interactive Brokers (check the list below) . The platform also supports the crypto exchange Binance.

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It also supports many popular data feeds such as Yahoo Finance and Rithmic. Any broker that offers Rithmic data feeds can connect to Overcharts, offering traders a wide range of opportunities.

What can I trade on Overchart?

You can trade anything your connected broker supports, including futures, stocks, FOREX, and other assets traded on the secondary market (assuming your broker provides access).

Charting in Overchart

In addition to the many indicators that we will discuss in a moment, Overcharts offers a wide variety of chart customization tools. Overcharts uses a 4k graphics engine, so it has enough resources to display as many indicators and charts as you need. Each chart can contain as many as 100 million bars, so you can run out of tools and indicators long before Overcharts can’t support your strategy.

Overcharts charting tools include:

  • Multiple data feeds from many supported brokers ensure you get the most accurate information.
  • Template for saving indicators between windows.
  • Option to overlay charts with prices at different scales to get the big picture.
  • Adjust Resolution – Just because Overcharts can support high resolution output doesn’t mean your graphics card can.
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Overcharts also supports a variety of chart styles, so you can choose what suits your trading strategy whether it’s candlesticks, bars, closing points or any of the 9 chart style options Overcharts offers.

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Overchart drawing tools

It has a wealth of drawing tools, and you can use your drawings as templates in multiple windows. Overcharts drawing tools let you overlay standard lines, shapes, Fibonacci studies, and more. Those tools are very rich.

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Graphical user interface Automatic description generation
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Setup is easy, but traders should know that Overcharts is limited to Windows computers or Macs running a virtual Windows environment. After downloading the software, you will need to create an account or log into your existing account. This is quick and typical of the website registration process.

Next, you need to connect your data feed by finding the feed in the preset list or by adding a connection manually. Please have your login information ready for the data feed as you will not be able to use your Overcharts login for this part. Once connected, you will see three green dots.

The initial setup is now complete and you are ready to trade.

Overcharts also offers comprehensive support if you need additional help to get started. Installation guide on their website.

User interface

The user interface is highly customizable, which makes it invaluable. In addition to charting, users can stack trading panels to their liking. The active windows of Overchart are called workspaces, and each workspace is independent of other workspaces. This allows traders to specify active trading charts from which they wish to monitor.

The order and order status interfaces are equally useful and can display as much information as the trader needs. You can submit one or more orders as part of a strategy and set orders as market, limit, iceberg, market, and other types.

Location information is displayed in a small, easy-to-read window. This allows you to maximize the availability of charts in your workspace. The position box is customizable, but the baseline shows quantity, average price, and P&L. The background is also red or green according to profit and loss, so you can check it with your eyes during trading.

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What indicators can be used on overcharts?

Chart analysis and indicator options are where Overcharts really shines. The selection of tools is top-notch, providing a comprehensive experience for any technical trader, regardless of strategy. Overchart offers:

graph column

Graph columns are set alongside the main graph and are vertical columns that display selected information, with new columns and data feeds being added with each software update. Some of the columns in a typical chart are:

  • Spreads: Shows the current price and the bid and ask prices. This allows you to enter and exit trades at the optimum time and avoid mispricing due to wide spreads.
  • Pull and Stack: This shows the current spread compared to previous snapshots and measures increasing interest and liquidity.
  • P&L: Shows the current status of open positions by displaying P&L.
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TPO profile

A TPO profile shows trading activity at a specified price. This helps visualize stocks within a range and identify support and resistance levels. His TPO profile for Overcharts is highly customizable and configurable, supporting multi-year long-term profiling.

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volume bubble

Volume Bubbles is a useful visualization tool that displays the volume of your trading activity as a bubble. Larger giant bubbles indicate higher volumes and vice versa. This helps traders to identify and track whales that are trading heavily around a particular price and pursue potentially imminent trends. Like the TPO Profile, Bubbles are highly customizable to fit a trader’s specific strategy.

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market depth map

Market depth maps can further help identify support and resistance by showing the dynamics of volume changes at different levels. This indicator only shows current data and is not available to the user for historical visualization.

volume ladder

Volume Ladder is an easy way to see bid/ask, spread and volume within standard chart bars. This gives you a quick bird’s eye view of the market without switching screens. There are also customizable options covering additional stat displays and the overall appearance of the ladder.

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volume profile

A volume profile shows the volume at different price levels, which can help you see if there are more buyers or sellers at a particular price point. You can fine-tune your volume profile to define sessions, time periods (intraday, long-term, etc.), and bid/ask styles.

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system requirements

Overcharts requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11 on your computer. Overcharts is not available as a standalone program on Mac, but you can set up a Windows virtual machine to run it.

Overcharts does not specify minimum hardware requirements. Platforms are filled with so much data that traders must determine if their computer can support overcharting and complex trading strategies utilizing a huge number of indicators and a large amount of information. .


Overcharts offers multiple price tiers.

  • Free: New users get a 60-day free trial with all features and data feeds
  • $29.95 (all inclusive): The most expensive tier gives you access to all features including live trading and all data feeds
  • $24.95: This tier limits you to two data feed selections
  • $19.95: Only one data feed is enabled, limiting users to choose from Tradestation, Directa, or Oanda

The prices above are for a 1-year subscription and are the most cost-effective option. Traders who want to try it out (beyond the free trial period) can choose from 6 months, 3 months, or 1 month, but the 2 data feeds and 1 data feed options are available for 1 month subscribers is not available for


Overcharts has a comprehensive support structure.In addition to the full guide I linked earlier, users should Online consultation center Helps address the most common questions and potential issues. Overcharts YouTube also has video tutorials for visual learners and those who want to follow the step-by-step process.

Overcharts also offers live technical support, a dedicated bug reporting page, and the ability for traders to suggest new features for future software updates.

problems of the past

Most of the reported user issues have been raised by traders using incompatible machines that rival Overcharts’ powerful engine.

Some traders also need help establishing or maintaining a data feed, as the data feed functionality relies on many factors working behind the scenes. Since this is a common problem, Overcharts provides designated pages for each important data feed source to troubleshoot the issue.

Over the past two years, users have reported issues with customer service responsiveness, but Overcharts says this was due to staffing shortages during the pandemic and has already been fixed.


Overcharts is one of the best futures, forex and stock market platforms. Its powerful engine allows advanced traders to use as many indicators and drawings as possible on countless charts, limited only by the resources of their computer setup.

The sheer number of options in charting makes Overcharts stand out. While not a broker, the range of data feeds and brokers you can connect to makes Overcharts a worthwhile trading platform for beginners and advanced users.

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