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Parliament square set for ME research demonstration

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Protesters demand ‘missing’ hundreds of millions of pounds from ME research

MEAction UK will hold a #MillionsMissing demonstration in Parliament Square tomorrow to call out that ‘millions’ are missing from myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) research.

Many members of Congress will participate in the demonstration, with representatives Lord Bethel and Fleur Anderson giving speeches. Meanwhile, the researchers also discuss their work, and the intersection of ME and long COVID.

A mother who lost her daughter to ME talks about the urgent need for biomedical research, and Hayley Valentine-Howard talks about how ME affects pregnancy and how it affects labor and the postpartum period. share the experience.

Denise Spreag of #MEAction UK explains: Funding for ME. The Wellcome Trust has approximately £29 billion in funds.

“ME has been neglected, neglected and stigmatized for too long. As a result, hundreds of millions of pounds have been lost from ME biomedical research.”

Professor Douglas Kell of the University of Liverpool said: Because we were in a much better position to help those who have been struggling with COVID for so long. ”

“Funders need to step forward now to help us find the causes of the different features of ME and, as a result, effective treatments for them,” he added. rice field.

Preliminary research indicates that between one-third and nearly half of people with long-term COVID-19 meet the complex chronic disease criteria for ME. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that long-lasting illness and disability can be caused by viral infections.Up to 80% of cases of ME are initiated by infection. Studies have shown that viruses ranging from influenza and glandular fever to Ebola can cause ME in patients.

Currently, most people with long-term COVID-19 report symptoms similar to mine, especially post-exercise fatigue and worse post-exercise symptoms. Research in ME will benefit many other disease groups.

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