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PBD Biotech reveals vital update to TB test

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Freeze-dried PCR reaction beads reduce shipping costs and extend test shelf life

PBD Biotech has developed lyophilized PCR reaction beads for the Actiphage blood test that identifies active tuberculosis (TB).

This new capability enables transport without the need for a cold chain, reducing costs associated with transport and extending the shelf life of test components. Tuberculosis treatment and testing must occur near the point of infection, and Update meets these criteria.

Products containing enzymes are typically temperature sensitive and require cold chain transport to ensure functional integrity. However, freeze-drying is a moisture removal system that can be used to extend product life.

PBD Biotech has also established PCR primers and probes that allow specific detection of DNA from Mycobacterial TB isolated from whole blood samples. By enabling early detection of tuberculosis disease progression, actiphages have the potential to break the cycle of infection currently promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) #EndTB initiative.

Jane Theaker, CEO of PBD Biotech, said: In this way, therapeutic efficacy can be assessed more efficiently, leading to improved targeted drugs and vaccines.

“Antimicrobial resistance is a growing concern in the treatment of tuberculosis. In this way, the potential for antimicrobial resistance can be minimized, ensuring the safety of drug treatment for future tuberculosis patients.”

Joely Irlam, Chief Technology Officer at PBD Biotech, explains the importance of this new development: Redeveloping a product in a lyophilized format to preserve sensitivity and specificity is costly and time consuming. “

She added: “PBD addressed this issue early to ensure that the product meets the WHO Target Product Profile (TPP) and allows for an extended shelf life, which is always good for customers.”

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