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Pete Buttigieg blasted for ‘infuriating’ lie about Biden rescuing the economy

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Former Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore has lashed out at Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.Faulkner’s focusIn response to Buttigieg’s claims that the economy Biden inherited is at risk of facing a “free fall,” Moore told Harris Faulkner that the opposite was true.

Biden is slammed for telling reporters the economy is ‘strong as hell’ while eating ice cream in Portland

Stephen Moore: You said I was insulted by the way things were going.I’m more furious, especially when I hear Pete Buttigieg Lying about economic conditions. Looking back at the last six months of the Trump administration, as we came out of COVID, the economy was booming. We are back in business, people are back to work, COVID is behind us, and that vaccine is out. The economy is the most infuriating. We shouldn’t be talking about recessions now. We have to grow in boom times.

As Fox friend Larry Kudrow put it, Biden inherited a low-inflation, high-growth economy and turned it into a low-growth economy. highest inflation rate in 40 years. As I recall, Pete Buttigieg was the man who was supposed to be in charge of supply chain issues. These problems are getting worse than ever. Get to work and fix these.

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