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On Thursday, a group of 13 Republican Attorneys General ruled that companies that used race-based priorities in hiring, promotions and contracts would be legal after the Supreme Court’s denial of race-based admissions to colleges and universities. It warned Fortune 100 companies that it could face action.

“As the Supreme Court recently emphasized, both the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act guarantee the right of every American to be free from racial discrimination,” said one of the AGs leading the effort. Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Sukumetti said in a release.

“The court’s reasoning means that corporations cannot discriminate against people on the basis of their skin color, regardless of their motives. American corporations rely on crude racial lines. We continue to have many avenues of support for disadvantaged people and communities of all races, regardless of their needs.”

The group sent a letter Thursday to Fortune 100 companies including Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson.

“The Supreme Court’s recent ruling should inform all employers and contractors of the illegality of racial quotas and race-based preferential treatment in employment and contracting practices,” the signatories said.

“I request you to immediately cease any illegal race-based quotas or preferential treatment that your company employs in its hiring and contracting practices,” the letter reads. “Please be aware that if you choose not to do so, you will be held accountable.”

The court’s ruling effectively overturned a 45-year-old lawsuit that nullified admission plans at Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

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