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Samsung announces LPDDR5X 8.5 Gbps memory

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Samsung Electronics Unveils Industry’s Fastest LPDDR5X DRAM at 8.5Gbps

Samsung Completes Validation of 8.5Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM on Snapdragon Mobile Platform, Opening up New Market for LPDDR Memory

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that its latest 8.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) LPDDR5X DRAM, the industry’s fastest, has been validated for use in the Snapdragon® mobile platform. By optimizing the high-speed signaling environment between application processors and memory, Samsung surpassed his previous maximum speed of 7.5Gbps achieved in March, reaffirming its leadership in the memory market.

As a global leader in the mobile DRAM market for over a decade, Samsung has driven mainstream adoption of high-end smartphones, enabling more consumers to experience powerful computing performance on their mobile devices.

Thanks to its low-power and high-performance characteristics, LPDDR DRAM is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in modern computing systems, extending beyond smartphones to PCs, high-performance computing (HPC), servers, and automobiles. The past few years.

Recently, LPDDR DRAM has been in particularly high demand from the PC market, and its ability to combine high performance and low power consumption in a small form factor has led PC makers to create smaller, lighter, and more powerful laptops. can be built.

LPDDR memory is also an increasingly important component in modern automobiles. As more data is generated by autonomous driving features, high-bandwidth memory like LPDDR DRAM will be required to process large amounts of vehicle data faster.

For data centers and edge servers, the low-power characteristics of LPDDR DRAM help reduce power consumption levels, improving the total cost of ownership (TCO) for data center managers, while reducing heat and carbon reduce the impact on the environment. climate change.

As the need for faster, smaller, and more power efficient memory grows in various sectors, LPDDR DRAM is also expected to expand its presence in emerging markets driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Metaverse. .

“The joint validation of the 8.5Gbps LPDDR5X DRAM has allowed us to accelerate the availability of this high-speed memory interface across the market for more than a year. As LPDDR memory continues to expand its use beyond smartphones into AI and data center applications, strong collaboration between memory and SoC vendors is becoming increasingly important. We will continue to actively engage with innovators like Qualcomm Technologies to strengthen the ecosystem’s readiness for

— Daniel Lee, executive vice president of memory product planning team at Samsung Electronics, said:

“Qualcomm Technologies strives to be at the forefront of enabling and adopting the latest memory specifications on Snapdragon mobile platforms. This will improve the user experience with new features and performance improvements for mobile, gaming, camera and AI applications.”

— Ziad Asghar, Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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