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Shift Crypto Announces Partnership With Pocket Bitcoin Allowing DCA Within BitBox02 Hardware Wallet

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The partnership provides a safe and easy way to buy and store self-stored Bitcoins through widgets on BitBoxApp.

Swiss hardware wallet manufacturer shift crypto Announced a long-term partnership with a Swiss Bitcoin broker pocket bitcoinThis collaboration aims to provide an easy and secure way to buy and store self-storage bitcoins.

Pocket Bitcoin already offers a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) service, and according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, the partnership with Shift Crypto makes it even simpler and more secure. The BitBox02 hardware wallet allows users to securely store and trade Bitcoins. That code is open source and includes his companion BitBoxApp, which integrates a Pocket Bitcoin widget that allows investors to buy bitcoins directly in their hardware wallets.

“The goal of Pocket Bitcoin is to make buying Bitcoin as easy as a bank transfer,” said David Knezić, CEO and co-founder of Pocket Bitcoin. “We created a way for our customers to buy Bitcoin without opening an account or verifying their identity. Our customers receive Bitcoin directly into their wallets. We look forward to working with Shift Crypto to make it even easier to buy and store Bitcoin.”

Through a new widget, BitBox users can now easily set up DCA without going through an extensive KYC process. No confirmation is required for orders up to €950 (~$1,000) per day. Additionally, the user can share her xpub which contains all bitcoin addresses on the account. This feature allows you to pay Bitcoins to new, unused Bitcoin addresses, increasing your privacy when using Bitcoins.

Douglas Bakkum, CEO and co-founder of Shift Crypto, said his company believes that “everybody deserves financial sovereignty. Together with Pocket Bitcoin, this allows individuals to acquire bitcoins directly on the BitBoxApp and have full control at all times.We are committed to our values ​​of self-management and financial freedom. We are delighted to be partnering with Pocket Bitcoin, the company of choice.”

The partnership will offer European customers cheaper services and the option to buy bitcoin via bank transfer with a 1.5% fee. To celebrate the partnership, the companies are offering a 10,000 SATs bonus for all first-time transactions through the new BitBoxApp integration until March 15, 2023.

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