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Silent Hill Transmission set for broadcast on October 19

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from premature death silent hill and the PT Demo, we’ve seen a constant stream of leaks and rumors about what’s next silent hill game. Many people argue that they have internal information, but this Wednesday, you can listen directly from those who actually run the show. Konami has his transmission on Sunday. His October 19 broadcast, ” silent hill series. “

Who knows what we’ll see in the show, but I’m putting my money on Konami to pull back the curtain on the recent reveal Silent Hill: Short Message Product list.can short message Is it a new game or is it a remake of an earlier game in the series? abandoned The game we all stopped making fun of?I Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Banner image key art by Sam Barlow mentioned a sequel to the masterpiece In the past.And it seems to be Masahiro Ito recognize itUnless Konami announces a new pachinko machine, I think it’s worth keeping an eye on.

of silent hill The franchise has been in purgatory for about a decade after the release of downpour When book of memory year 2012. Hideo Kojima famously tried to seize control of the franchise in his 2014. silent hillbut after his well-publicized fallout with Konami, he left the company and the project behind to found his own studio. many Rumors of Kojima silent hill Game over at Kojima Productions, but nothing concrete on that front.

Whatever it is, fans won’t have to wait long, Silent Hill Transmission is set for October 19th at 2pm PT.

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Exactly what the internet needs: Another white man writing about video games.

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