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SLCM’s process management system module gets NABL accreditation

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Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), a comprehensive service provider in the agricultural post-harvest space, has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for its AI (Artificial Intelligence) ML (Machine Learning). I was. According to the company, it is a quality control application that falls under the patented process control system “Agri Reach”.

This is the first time a mobile app has been NABL certified, according to SLCM’s media statement. “Agri Reach” has been utilized to inspect 21.59 million tons of crops at 303 locations in 17 states in just two months of launch.

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Once clicked and submitted through the app, your image will be analyzed for various quality indicators. Users receive a quality report detailing an evaluation of photographic evidence of specifications such as damage, shrinkage, wrinkles and immature grains. foreign objects; and many other physical parameters such as product height, length, grid, color, and pattern.

Results are automatically compared to pre-populated data in the backend system. The backend system is updated regularly using a combination of technologies such as AI and ML and the Python programming language.

The process of phygitalization

Quoting Sandeep Sabharwal, Group CEO of SLCM, the statement said: Together with a dedicated team of experts, SLCM has created ‘Agri Reach’. It is a system that enables effective warehousing solutions that are agnostic of infrastructure, geography and crops. ”

“To date, 75 years after independence, we are the only company in the Indian agricultural sector to have registered a technology patent in the agricultural logistics (warehousing) segment, and we have now reaffirmed our leadership position. By becoming once again the first and only company in the sector to receive the coveted NABL accreditation for applications that are transforming the way the agricultural industry analyzes the quality of its commodities.” , says Sabharwal.

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