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Spain to provide Ukraine with 5 Harpoon missiles – a lot can be accomplished with them

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The Harpoon is an American anti-ship missile that has been in service since 1977. An all-weather weapon that can hit targets on the horizon. The range of the Harpoon missile depends on the exact version, but typically ranges from 100 to 315 kilometers. The Ukrainian Navy has obtained these missiles to protect its coast. Spain has shipped 5 Harpoon missiles to Ukraine, not as few as one might think.

Harpoon missiles are very effective at destroying naval targets. Image credit: DoDMedia via Wikimedia

The Spanish government has donated “five naval systems” to Ukraine, which journalists believe are Harpoon missiles. Spain has supported Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion, and this is just a fraction of the assistance Spain has provided.

Harpoon missiles were also donated by Britain and the Netherlands, and Denmark also provided ground launchers. The number of Harpoon missiles Ukraine currently has has not been made public, but five of them are a significant number.

Ukrainian Navy Commander-in-Chief Oleksiy Nezhpapa reminded the media that it took only two Neptune missiles to sink the Russian Black Sea Navy’s flagship missile cruiser Moskva. In fact, one might be enough for him in other situations.

A large warship with multiple levels of defense, Moscow was hit twice by Ukrainian-made anti-ship missiles, causing tens of millions of euros in damage to the Russian war effort. Harpoon Each of her missiles can sink a ship. The Harpoon anti-ship missile system was specifically designed to attack large Russian surface vessels such as the Project 1164 missile cruiser.

But the impact is not only direct. The mere presence of the Harpoon missile system can prevent a landing attempt. Ships are not like tanks. Hundreds of tanks may be on the attack, but fewer ships. If there is one of her landing ships within range of the Harpoon system, two missiles will surely destroy it.

This means that 5 Harpoon missiles can destroy 2-3 Russian ships with good accuracy. But Ukraine definitely has a lot more, five of which only came from Spain. This whole suite of defenses should keep Russia from trying to land in Odessa and elsewhere.

and it’s working. There is no indication that Russia is planning a landing operation in southern Ukraine. Bearing in mind the secret existence of the Harpoon system, it would be a ridiculous suicide mission.

Of course, Russia would prepare for such an operation by shelling the coast with aerial bombs and cruise missiles. However, it is impossible to reliably destroy all anti-ship systems, making sea landings very difficult.

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