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Technical analysis of US Crude, XAUUSD, and EURUSD for today (14 November 2022)

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Welcome fellow traders! Combining margin zone methodology and technical analysis, we have made price predictions for US crude oil, XAUUSD, and EURUSD. Suggest entry signals to intraday traders based on market analysis.

Last week, the euro broke through Gold Zone 2, 1.0270 to 1.0260.

This article covers the following subjects:

Oil Price Prediction Today: USCrude Analysis

Last week, oil prices hit a key resistance at 88.17 to 87.79, a short-term downtrend. This zone has been subdued and it is still good to enter the shorts according to the pattern with a target of the November 10th low.

After breaking the November 10th low, the market breaks through the target zone of 85.41-84.66. Therefore, the next drop target is the gold zone 81.66 to 81.28.

The short term trend will turn up once the mid zone goes up today and the US session closes above price. I can do it.

US crude oil Today’s Trading Ideas:

Sell ​​following the pattern of the middle zone 88.17 – 87.79. Take Profit: 84.10. Stop Loss: Follows pattern rules.

Gold Price Prediction Today: XAUUSD Analysis

The gold price broke through Zone 2 from 1761-1759. The next uplift target is target zone 3 from 1793 to 1787.

The market is now corrected and prices are testing additional zones 1758 – 1756. If AZ is held. The market will continue to grow and surpass Friday’s highs.

A break below AZ will continue the correction to the intermediate zone 1744-1741. Since the add-on zone is the boundary of the short-term uptrend, it is recommended to enter a buy according to the pattern once the zone is reached.

XAUUSD Today’s Trading Ideas:

  1. Purchase according to the pattern of additional zones 1758 – 1756. TakeProfit: 1772. StopLoss: Follows pattern rules.

  2. Buy according to the pattern in the middle zone 1744-1741. Take Profit: 1772. Stop Loss: Follows pattern rules.

EUR/USD Forecast Today: EURUSD Analysis

Last week, EURUSD broke out of Gold Zone 2 between 1.0270 and 1.0260. The next uptrend is target zone 3, 1.0387 – 1.0366. The price is currently testing an additional zone of 1.0311 – 1.0305, which is a strong support level and a potential first target to enter new buying at Friday’s highs.

If the AZ goes downwards, the adjustment continues to the middle zone 1.0258 to 1.0247. Since the IZ is a short-term uptrend boundary, we recommend buying when it reaches it.

If the price breaks through level 1.0247 and consolidates below, it will be appropriate to sell EUR.

EURUSD Today’s Trading Ideas:

  1. Buy according to the pattern of additional zones 1.0311 – 1.0305. Take Profit: 1.0365. Stop Loss: Follows pattern rules.

  2. Buy following the pattern in the middle zone 1.0258 – 1.0247. Take Profit: 1.0365. Stop Loss: Follows pattern rules.

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