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UBIRCH Debuts Cutting Edge NFT Security

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We hear a lot these days about the many achievements in the NFT space, from collections breaking sales records to industry gaining mainstream acceptance. But at the same time, we hear stories of NFTs being hacked and stolen. As such, asset security is a top priority. So, to bring a little stability to the industry, the German cybersecurity firm has uberchhas developed a new “Know Your Customer Token (KYCT)”. This token basically makes it possible to easily identify the owner of the crypto wallet and the origin of the assets stored there.

How Überch works

UBIRCH is focused on providing enhanced security to creative professionals who play key roles in their industry. This process includes linking the KYCT to the user’s wallet and citizen ID. This binding then creates a secure token containing all relevant information about the wallet, including key details of the relevant individual.

Due to the nature of Web3, anyone can view the KYCT details via the blockchain explorer, so the artist’s identity can be verified at any time. In addition, UBIRCH has streamlined the business of creative professionals operating within the Web3 industry by simplifying her identity and transaction verification process. Despite its innovative nature, the platform is designed to be user-friendly and caters to creatives with limited technical knowledge. UBIRCH will therefore make blockchain technology more accessible to all.

Interested creators can create their own KYC tokens through the UBIRCH platform to improve wallet security and identification. On the other hand, the company can also serve galleries, marketplaces and other his Web3 platforms and integrate directly into those services.

As the fight against fraud continues, Web3 has a powerful new tool: UBIRCH’s awesome new KYC token!

Learn more about UBIRCH’s KYC token >> Here

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