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Ukrainians pleasantly surprised – M120 mortar is easier to use than they thought

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A mortar is a very useful weapon, capable of hitting unsuspecting enemies deep in the front lines. They are relatively light and very accurate. Moreover, they are very cheap to use. However, when the Ukrainian defenders learned that they would use his M120 mortars from the United States, they were a little reluctant because they feared that these weapons would require a lot of maintenance. .

The M120 mortar weighs about 145 kg, but has an effective range of about 7.2 km. Image credit: US Army via Wikimedia

The 120 mm mortar is a great weapon because it’s very light, its ammunition (technically called a bomb) isn’t too big to deal with, and it does a decent amount of damage. The 120 mm mortar is much more powerful than his 60 mm mortar, but makes it harder to move. Both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers use his 120 mm mortar in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

As part of Western military aid to Ukraine, the country’s defenders received M120 mortars. ArmyInform recently spoke I made it clear to one of the system’s operators that he (Pegasus) was concerned about maintenance. Soldiers went to Germany to learn how to use these weapons, and their concerns were soon put to rest: the M120 was easier to use and maintain than its Soviet counterpart.

“We love the equipment. It allows us to work calmly and safely, even at night, without having to reveal our position, like old mortar where you need to highlight the scale with a flashlight. I was worried that the equipment would go crazy, but that’s not the case,” said Pegasus.

The US military has been using the M120 mortar since 1991.

US soldiers have been using the M120 mortar since 1991. Image credit:USAF, Wikimedia

The M120 mortar is a Soltam K6 – 120 mm mortar developed in Israel and used by many countries, including the United States. Such a mortar weighs close to 145 kg, but can be quickly dismantled for rapid transportation.

Because bombs are very heavy, 120 mm mortars are usually transported using Humvees, trucks, and other vehicles. Ukrainian defenders say the M120 mortar is lighter and more comfortable to operate than former Soviet mortars.

It also has a fast rate of fire, with a maximum rate of fire of around 16 rounds per minute (highly dependent on crew performance). However, it typically fires 4 sustained shots per minute. Effective operation of the M120 mortar requires a crew of five. The M120 mortar has a range of approximately 7.2 km.

An interesting feature of the M120 mortar is its ability to fire light 81 mm bombs. This is achieved using special inserts.

Ukraine has received a huge number of different weapons systems from its Western allies. This is both a blessing and a curse, as learning to operate all these weapons and maintaining them is a daunting task. .

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