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What To Expect (And What Not To Expect) From Ubisoft In 2023

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Finally, here are the Ubisoft games least likely to release in 2023. This is incredibly sad.

2003 original Prince of Persia: Sons of Time It was revelatory. An exceptional game that reinvents the way all third-person action games are played, with incredible rewind time mechanics and fantastic 3D platforming. Sadly, no one had the sense to copy it, and 20 years later we remain trapped in a quagmire of action games that endlessly kill us instead of letting us go on. There was a film of Jake Gyllenyhaal rubbing salt into his wounds.

The remake is announced for 2020, with an ambitious release date of January 2021. Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen. Then, after a rather optimistic postponement until March 2021, they went out of their way to admit that it looked like a PS3 game. After acquiring it from Indian developer Ubisoft Mumbai and delivering it to Ubisoft Montreal, it announced yet another postponement last May, without even speculating on its financial year.

By November of last year, things seemed even worse. Ubisoft has canceled all pre-orders and refunded everyone’s moneyPerhaps a useful lesson on why you shouldn’t pre-order a game that doesn’t exist yet.the publisher Claim the game is not canceledbut has yet to propose a new release date, so perhaps even 2024 is unlikely.

But hey, I’m still going Before Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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