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You Can’t Unsee Twitter’s ‘Useless’ But Amazing Animation Facts

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screenshot: Dreamworks/Kotaku

I don’t remember why I was walking down the blue-lit internet highway every day, going through Instagram rabbit holes, going nowhere, across Wikipedia pages, scanning. Do you have UTIs?

I don’t have a UTI, at least until I googled the question again tonight. Their best “useless” animation knowledge Removed by author. But it’s hard to keep the internet bug free, and people continue to share their animation knowledge, quenching the thirst of even the most greedy gods. I have.

“of toy storyWoody was supposed to initially take off Buzz Lightyear’s helmet and appear worried after Buzz started choking.” A popular tweet said“But his model during the scene looked boring and uninteresting. It was more interesting, so I did that instead.” I think it’s a message.

Similarly, apparently of “invader gym This walk was supposed to be intimidating, but when the animation team finished this, the staff thought Pee Phi was dancing, so they added music. proud family moviesOscar Proud was slated for a running scene in slow motion, but said, “This is what the anime looked like when it came back from overseas.

But I’m really thirsty—I need more useless animation facts. These eight tweets Shrek It certainly helps.

Oh that’s a lot of facts. I think I’m ready for social reintegration.

What’s your favorite random animated fact?

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