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Leveraging its leading position at Europe’s premier event for mission- and business-critical communications, Motorola Solutions believes the technology and services it believes will deliver better future outcomes for the world’s public security agencies as they tackle the many challenges ahead. announced. We have announced numerous contracts with major fire, police and judicial agencies in the UK and Australia in the provision of our services.

and Critical Communication World (CCW) 2023 In Helsinki, the technology provider says its fundamental mission is to make communities safer and provide services that help businesses stay productive, helping front-line teams in public security and defense agencies make data and communications to make better-informed and safer decisions wherever they are. they are.

The report found that these people are responding to more frequent and intense natural disasters, providing safety and security at borders, and maintaining resilience to cyber threats, but the work is resource-constrained. , pointed out that it is becoming increasingly complex as the expectations of the community continue to rise.

The new product unveiled at CCW is said to have been developed with a mobile-first approach that surrounds and connects frontline personnel, operational vehicles and control rooms.

Connected Offer integrates technology to power frontline workflows while building trust with your community. These include a portfolio of body-worn cameras, including the LTE-enabled V-series. MXP600 Tetra Radio, MXP7000 Tetra and LTE portable device and PS coreMobile Policing Application from Motorola Solutions.

Connected vehicles are designed to provide safety and awareness to police officers on patrol, integrating voice, video and software to make patrols safer and better informed. Equipped with an in-vehicle video system, providing constant video streaming, real-time alerts, evidence capture, Apple CarPlay Connected vehicles, intelligent software services, are also expected to help police officers manage their operations while on the move.

They work with connected control rooms to integrate mission-critical broadband push-to-talk (PTT) applications to connect teams using disparate devices on different networks, manage workflows, and ensure that information is shared across the agency. Make sure it’s shared onof critical connection This capability provides interoperability between land mobile radio (LMR) systems, broadband PTT, and control room applications, removing barriers and unifying communications for all responders.

Target users of such services include organizations such as: city ​​of london policethe UK Department of Justice, and the New South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (FRNSW).

FRNSW provides rapid emergency response, firefighting, and rescue services to enhance the safety and resilience of our communities. Maintaining safety and resilience in any emergency requires reliable team-based communication. Australia’s hot and dry climate makes bushfires frequent, and the devastating damage of the 2019-20 bushfire season ultimately led to catastrophic events. royal commission Incorporated into natural disaster arrangements that provide recommendations to enhance response and resilience to future events.

organization is smart connect A service that securely extends the coverage and capacity of mission-critical wireless communications. SmartConnect maintains reliable, uninterrupted communication by automatically switching communication channels from the LMR network to the best available broadband service.

The service can also roam over satellites to extend coverage in remote areas. SmartConnect helps you maintain encrypted voice communication at all times, even when switching from LMR to LTE, Wi-Fi or satellite networks. In addition, it reduces the risk of communication “dead spots” in places where coverage can suddenly drop, such as garages, buildings, and other urban environments.

The first of two deployments will be deployed by the City of London Police VB400 Body Worn Camera About 8,000 residents and 513,000 occasional commuters pass through London’s bustling Square Mile each day, keeping the entire bustling area safe and secure. The VB400 body-worn camera seamlessly integrates with the police force’s existing technology ecosystem to maximize end-to-end safety, security and productivity.

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collaboration with Pronto Mobile Digital Policing Platform Coordinate video footage with other incident reporting information and connect with various sensors to automate recording when critical events occur, such as a police officer pressing the emergency button on a MXP600 Tetra walkie-talkie.

Motorola Solutions was also selected to provide 13,000 services. VB400 Body Worn Camera To Officials of His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service Across England and Wales. By capturing objective video and audio evidence, this deployment helps increase trust and transparency for officers and prisoners alike, as well as security for officers.

The VB400 body-worn camera provides high-quality video and audio capture and features automatic pre-recording to ensure every interaction is recorded from start to finish.

At the end of duty, officers put their cameras back on the dock and automatically upload and store the day’s footage to the VideoManager evidence management platform to provide workflow. The body camera design, wide-angle field of view, and 12-hour battery life can help prison staff stay focused on the task at hand, while promoting positive behavior and interaction between staff and inmates. It is

“The City of London Police is dedicated to ensuring that London is a safe and attractive destination, and the deployment of body-worn cameras will help police officers to ensure the safety of those who live, work or visit the city. It will help us continue to serve and protect the . Neal Donohoe, City of London Police. “New video technology captures valuable incident footage and provides an objective record that promotes transparency and accountability, while also helping to keep police officers and communities safe.”